LOS ANGELES, February 29, 2016 /FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE/-MDgenesis LLC announced it has recently signed a medical distribution agreement with OrthoXpress, a privately held post-operative rehabilitation and orthopedic services distribution company located in Riverside, CA. OrthoXpress currently provides support and services to over 1500 orthopedic surgeons throughout Southern California.

“MDgenesis, and their approach to post-operative care, is really on the forefront of providing science-based medical nutrition and protocols as a means to positively effect a patient’s healing and outcomes. We feel they are literally changing medicine moving forward and our team is excited to be a part of it” says Jeff Salamon, CEO of OrthoXpress. “By helping physicians to better partner with their patients with a focus on optimized healing, they are improving patient care, creating more patient engagement and creating more patient loyalty. This is a game changer”.

MDgenesis LLC, a supplier of integrative medical products and training to Orthopedic Surgeons, was founded to specifically fulfill the growing need of practitioners who are interested in providing an integrative approach to patient care and provide them with the targeted, clinically proven, medical nutrition products recommended by today's leaders in regenerative medicine.

“We are excited to partner with the team at OrthoXpress. Their market penetration and their belief in what we are doing to change medicine is second to none” says Ken Roycroft, CEO of MDgenesis LLC. “We are growing exponentially and we are excited to share our vision as we support our physician partners to improve patient care and their surgical outcomes."