LOS ANGELES, July 28, 2016 /FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE/-MDgenesis LLC announced today it has recently signed a medical distribution agreement with Restor Physical Therapy Inc., a privately held physical therapy and rehabilitation corporation located in Southern California.

Restor Physical Therapy operates three busy clinics located in Orange County, California. Their main offices are located across from Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach with additional locations in Irvine and Fountain Valley.

“As physical therapists, much of our time is spent trying to build strength in patients” says John Horsley PT, president/owner of Restor Physical Therapy. “If a patient is not getting enough of the proper nutrients, including essential amino acids necessary for building new tissue, our attempts to build strength will be futile.”

“The MEND product line was designed specifically to repair tissue post-surgery and to address age-related muscle loss which we have already found helps us to get our patients the results their physicians desire” states Horsley. ‘My staff and I are very excited about the launch of this program due to the results our patients have already experienced clinically in our initial test group.”

MDgenesis LLC, a supplier of integrative medical products and physician training, was founded to specifically fulfill the growing need of practitioners who are interested in providing an integrative approach to patient care and provide them with the targeted, clinically proven, medical nutrition products recommended by today's leaders in integrative medicine.

“We are excited to partner with the team at Restor Physical Therapy” says Ken Roycroft, CEO of MDgenesis LLC. “their progressive approach at therapy and the entire teams’ commitment to attaining improved patient outcomes makes them a natural fit for company.”