MEND Orthopedic (Citrus Flavor)

Nutrition for Healing LLC

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Better Nutrition, Better Healing™.

MEND™ contains a specific combination of clinically proven nutrients that provide your body important building blocks for tissue building, recovery and repair.

For orthopedic surgeries, bone fractures, soft tissue injuries, wounds, exercise recovery and age related decline, add MEND™ to your diet to provide your body adequate nutritional support for fast and complete healing, recovery and strength.



MEND™ was created by leading doctors and nutritionists who embrace nutrition’s role in healing. We are strongly committed to using only the most researched, safe and clinically proven nutrients.

While MEND was designed specifically for recovery from musculoskeletal trauma, there are a number of clinical studies (they can be found on the Research section of our website) supporting a wide range of benefits from the nutrients in MEND.

These include:

  • Assist with muscle repair

  • Assist with muscle preservation

  • Provide building blocks for new muscle

  • Aid bone fracture healing

  • Provide nutrients for bone health and strength

  • Aid in wound healing

  • Anti-bacterial agents to assist with fighting infection


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