About Us

Who is MDgenesis LLC?
In today's medical environment, it is more important than ever to partner with our patients as we help them manage their health. MDgenesis LLC was formed to supply physicians and their patients with the highest quality, clinically tested integrative medicine products available in today's healing environment.
Our Approach 
Today, our physician's patients are frequently embracing the idea that alternative therapies and natural methods need to be explored prior to just accepting traditional methods of treatment such as surgery or long-term prescription medication. MDgenesis LLC has taken the guesswork out of finding products and protocols that actually work. We only provide products that have been clinically proven to provide the results they promise and ensure their safety and effectiveness with our money back guarantee.  
Our Commitment
MDgenesis LLC is committed to our physicians, and their patients, to provide only the highest quality, most up to date, clinically tested, result-producing products and formulations available in the medical nutrition environment. Patients and physicians alike can rest assured that you are not only receiving products which have been proven but will also deliver the results you promise.